F.A.Q. 11

How do you prefer to be called?

### I go by **Deby** *(pronounced [ˈdɛbi], mostly in real life)*, db or db0 *(pronounced [diː-biː] or [diː-biː ˈzɪərəʊ], mostly online)*. * Though this is not my legal name and I don't plan to change it legally, using the latter or similar nicknames makes me uncomfortable. * If you come up with a nickname you'd like to use, kindly ask first.

What are your pronouns, gender, kin, love and sexual preferences?

- Happy Human - Female on paper and happy with it, but I don't mind being misgendered. - I identify as Gender Neutral — I don't follow any stereotypes / social expectations regarding my gender, I make my own choices - Pronouns: She/her - Polyamorous — There are more than 2 happy, consenting adults in my family / relationship - Panamorous — I find genders to be irrelevant when getting closer to someone - Pansexual — I'm sexually attracted to any gender, including non-conforming ![](http://i.imgur.com/QmO2KSI.jpg)

Where are you right now?

### [Singapore](https://maps.google.com/?q=Singapore)

Where are you from?

I consider myself a **citizen of the world** and don't feel any attachment to any country or city in particular. *I try to change countries every 2-5 years. So far, I lived in [Nice (France)](https://goo.gl/maps/aMH7ZYnRiWD2), [Zurich (Switzerland)](https://goo.gl/maps/TMKjYQFApUv), [Long Beach (California, USA)](https://goo.gl/maps/EJvz16CoEK32) and [San Francisco (California, USA)](https://goo.gl/maps/wwzhsF47jJ32).* - I currently live in [Singapore](https://goo.gl/maps/VJ6eD2Ur67F2).

What's the best way to contact you?

- The fastest way to get answer would be direct messages on my Twitter [@db0company](http://twitter.com/db0company/). - An efficient alternative is to send me a private message on any instant messaging platform. You can find my list [here](/social/?tags=Instant Messaging). - Emails work but I'll take longer to reply. - I don't take phone calls unless scheduled. - You can find more ways to contact me [here](/social/).

What's your life goal?

Make the world a peaceful and happy place, or at least contribute as much as I can towards that direction. I enjoy the process of creation of products that make people's lives easier or more enjoyable. I aim to pursue my career while always allowing myself to do that, as my own boss or within a company.

What's your favorite music, book, movie, game, sport team, ...?

I'm generally not into fiction, so the movies/books I enjoy watching/reading are mostly documentaries and practical or business books. I'm yet to find a favorite, but I'll make sure to tell you if I do ;) I enjoy listening to a vast variety of music genres, from pop to rai, bollywood, classical, instrumental, country, dance, dubstep, electro, swing, opera, jazz, reggae, dancehall, classic rock, from the 60s, 80s, 70s, and many more! I like casual games, mostly on mobile. I'm not a big fan of board games. Though I love sport, I don't really like watching other people practicing and don't usually stand up for a side or another, in sports and other kind of entertainments. You can find the movies and animes I watched, music I listen to, games I play, and more in [this list of links](/social/?tags=Entertainment).

What are your hobbies?

### Travelling + Programming Other random things I can think of: - Documenting what I do (with photos, descriptions, or even code documentation) - Taking the time to look at little insignificant things around me and making them important - Volunteering at various events - Hiking (preferably in the middle of nowhere) - Teaching people programming things - Swimming and running - Drawing characters - Taking pictures (I take ~50/day), editing pictures - Changing hair color, wearing preppy clothes or sailor inspired outfits - Reading/watching things about space, spaceships and airplanes (I want to be a pilot) - Watching people by the windows of cafes and imagining what they're thinking about and what their lives are like - Crafting gifts for others *(which I recently got a chance to do again thanks to my [Patreon](https://patreon.com/db0company) and I couldn't be happier ^_^)* - Discussing feelings with people around me - Filming and editing videos - Visiting abandoned places - Read about healthy food and keep a healthy diet - Going places I'm not supposed to go to (backstages and empty meeting rooms, for instance) - Wondering about random things and reading about them on Wikipedia for hours (Where is this company from originally? Who invented this thing and how did it become like this?) - Reading about history of the places I visit (and mostly remembering notable anecdotes :P) - Sun bathing - Discovering music - Learning about different cultures and do my best to belong - Telling stories - Trying as many restaurants as I can (I rarely go back to the same restaurant again - I feel like it's a wasted opportunity to try something new) - Enjoying the journey more than the final destination - Always learning more

Can I take a picture with you/of you?


What are your dietary preferences?

TL;DR: I'm a **picky vegetarian**. But I love food! - I'm allergic to cherries and most Mexican traditional dishes. I am not aware of any other allergy. - I don't eat pieces of meat, fish or seafood. - I don't mind fish or meat stock as long as the flavor is very subtle and not strong. - I usually don't eat spicy food with an exception for Indian delicacies. - My favorite type of cuisine is Japanese - Common ingredients I don't like: - Pepper, chili - Avocado - Olive (oil or spread is fine) - Cucumber - Beetroot - All melons (including watermelon) - Common ingredients I love: - Corn - Tomatoes - Mashed potatoes - Rice - Asparagus - Seaweed

Where did you travel?

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Any other question?

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